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Chariot of Fire Blog

God Uses a Sudoku Puzzle

        One of the serendipities of traveling is meeting people on airplanes. I usually have a routine when I get on a flight. Backpack stored above, book, iPad, or computer placed in the seat pocket in front of me, and then I look or wait to see who the Lord puts next to me. Sometimes my neighbor for a few hours dives into a book or listens to something on his or her phone. At other times, he or she immediately engages in conversation.

Give Jesus Glory by Telling His Stories

Glory to Jesus

This year I have sought to encourage my readers with “Jesus stories,” testimonies of God’s presence and power at work in the lives of those who believe that He is with them to glorify His name. As the end of 2017 approaches, I want to share testimonies of God’s grace to individuals through His Word and Elijah Ministries. Many of you have supported this ministry in prayer as well as financially, and I want to encourage you and thank you. I also invite others to join the ministry in giving praise and glory to God for His grace to and through us. 

Sharing God's Love

Heart of the Father

 As soon as I lifted the 40-pound bag with my left arm and slung it into the trunk, I knew I had made a mistake. I heard sounds from my shoulder and felt a pain shoot from my shoulder to my neck. I should have used two hands. I’ve done this before when lifting luggage, and I should have known better. I thought I had pulled my neck out of line, so I immediately called my chiropractor to see if I could stop in for an adjustment before we boarded the plane for 24 hours of traveling to Australia. Thankfully, they could work me in as the last appointment of the day.