Fathers Day Special: Equipping Men + Walking Worthy as a Father

Take advantage of special pricing on the Equipping Men series for a limited time - plus all Equipping Men orders include a copy of Norm's book Walking Worthy as a Father!

Equip your man with tools for life!
Equipping Men series and Walking Worthy as a Father are two resources that will encourage and give practical help for dads who want to grow and improve in their fathering skills. Available in DVD ($50), streaming video ($20), CD ($30), and MP3 download ($15) formats.

Rising to the Call

The callings of God are irrevocable acts of God which establish special relationship with responsibilities, privileges and promises that provide hope for the future. Recognizing these callings of God in life enables us to rise to those callings and lead the next generation.

Making Much of Jesus in Marriage

This series of messages is designed to encourage you in ways you can make much of Jesus in your life, especially when it comes to your marriage. Norm draws foundational, biblical truths from Paul’s letter to Colossians and makes direct and specific application to marriage.