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Spirit of Elijah
The Spirit of Elijah Ministries

Listen as Norm Wakefield explains how the purpose of this ministry is grounded in scripture - particularly Malachi 4:6 and Romans 1:16.

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Suggestions for Father's Day

Give a gift that equips and encourages your man:

Walking Worthy as a Father study book

Equipping Men: Practical Tools for Life’s Issues

What's A Man To Do? book

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Equipping Men
Practical Tools for Life's Issues
By Norm Wakefield
12 CD Series - $35

New Book: What's A Man To Do?
Are there situations and relationships that puzzle you or paralyze you? How would you like to have a foundational understanding of God and His purposes that enables you to answer some of the most common questions and challenges facing most men? How firm is your foundation? Norm helps you see how to apply wisdom from above (James 3:17) to issues and questions to which most men need answers.

What’s a Man to Do guides you to apply practical, biblical truth to 20 questions facing most men in four areas of life.

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Audio Library

Visit our Audio Library to hear Norm Wakefield teach verse by verse through the book of Colossians. Available as streaming audio, downloadable mp3 files, or free podcast.