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It’s a Matter of Identity Part 4: Your Source of Identity Shapes Your Life


The last three months, we discussed the fact that when we wish to connect with or identify with someone, we do so because we believe there is something to be gained from the association. They have a power we don’t have, and subconsciously (or perhaps consciously), we deduce that we can have that power if we are connected to them. Once we conclude there’s something to be gained, we begin to look for ways to connect with them.

It’s a Matter of Identity Part 3: Who is Your Power Source?


When you are facing responsibilities, do you rely on your own strength? It’s easy to do. We do it without thinking—without thinking about who we belong to. We belong to and are connected to our heavenly Father through our faith in Jesus Christ, His Son. One of the astounding blessings of salvation is a new relationship with God. We see with the eyes of faith that the Father of Jesus Christ has become our Father!

It’s a Matter of Identity Part 2: Identity Has To Do With Power

it's a matter of identity part 2

Last month, we began a four-part series on the very important issue of identity. We will unpack four identity principles from Matthew 16:16, where Jesus discussed His identity with His disciples. Jesus initiated the conversation by asking who people said that Jesus was. Then He asked them who they thought He was. Simon Peter was the first to respond, and his answer was recorded so we might know who Jesus is.