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Chariot of Fire Blog

Love without Judgement

Last month I hope you were encouraged by my blog article about loving with discernment. Christians must be loving and discerning in a culture that can’t tell darkness from light, that insists that love requires tolerance of what the Bible clearly states is sinful, and that pressures the church to embrace—no, even more—to support and celebrate those sinful lifestyles. However, if we aren’t careful, in our efforts to be discerning, we can easily fall into the judgment ditch.

Love with Discernment

 There is a tremendous need for discernment in the body of Christ in these difficult days. Is it just me who thinks the spirit of the world has infiltrated the church with its teachings, values, and practices? Discernment is especially necessary when it comes to knowing how to love as Jesus does.

What's An Adventure Worth Living For?

        I passed the annual milestone that indicated I’m another year older and it prompted a review of my life’s purpose. I asked myself, “Am I investing my life in the things that will matter when I come to the end of my life?” When I consider that God is love (1 John 4:8), I am confident that I’ve made a wise choice. I’m on an adventure to know God and live to love with Jesus for the rest of my life. I want to encourage you to join me in the journey.